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Helping California Employers With a Wide Range of Employment Law Issues

Today, more than ever before, employers need experienced and effective counsel to help them navigate the confusing and complex body of federal, state and local laws which govern the workplace.

Prevent Employment Disputes

From employee claim prevention to employee litigation defense, Kaufman McAndrew LLP offer time-tested and proven strategies to help employers prevent employment disputes before they arise. Should an issue surface we provide defense strategies which enable employers to limit exposure and minimize costs.

The Kaufman McAndrew LLP Advantage

We're thoughtful, strategic, resourceful and a partner in your success. Our lawyers partner with employers to create policies and procedures which promote positive employee relations and limit disputes. When complaints do arise, we work with employers to implement strategies to effect positive solutions that maximize results and minimize costs. Whether we are counseling on legal compliance or litigating a complex case, we help employers achieve their business goals and promote an issue-free work environment. When you choose Kaufman McAndrew LLP, you retain dedicated counsel who is invested in your success.

A Proven History of Success

While sound policies, procedures and training can prevent most claims from arising in the first place, not all employment litigation can be avoided. The fact is employment litigation has become an unavoidable reality in today's business world and employment litigation defense has necessarily become a significant portion of our practice.

Our lawyers represent employers before all California federal and state courts, commissions, and administrative agencies, and have successfully defended employers against employment-related claims, on both an individual and class-action basis, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, violations of the federal and state wage and hour laws, and unfair competition. We have the experience and resources to formulate early defense strategies which enable us to respond quickly to lawsuits and, in so doing, help our clients limit exposure and minimize costs.

What We Do

Our attorneys represent employers of all sizes in all areas of employment law, including:

We serve clients across a broad range of industries, including restaurant and food service, hospitality, health care, automotive, real estate, manufacturing and other service industries.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of working effectively with employers in a way that recognizes the realities of a company's workplace and its business environment and goals. For answers to frequently asked employment law questions, see our Q & A page.

While you can handle certain employment issues internally, there are simply some issues that can be especially tricky to navigate and will need proper legal guidance. You probably know that employment law in California is always changing.

Likewise, when you consider that complaints and lawsuits filed by current or former employees could result in significant damage awards, which you will need to pay for, it’s just practical to have sound legal advice. In this light, below is some additional information about common employment issues and tasks that our knowledgeable Encino employment law attorneys at Kaufman McAndrew LLP can handle for you.

Determine Proper Employee Classifications

Employee misclassifications are usually costly and can involve paying out penalties and unpaid overtime for multiple workers. Before you classify a particular job position as nonexempt or exempt or label some individuals who work for you as independent contractors instead of employees, you must consider getting legal advice from an experienced employment attorney.

Fire an Employee

If you are concerned that an employee may try to bring a lawsuit or complaint against you, you must seek legal advice from an employment attorney in Encino before you fire the employee for performance issues, misconduct, or bad behavior, among others. Your attorney can determine whether the worker’s termination will be legal and give you advice on how you can reduce your risk of getting sued.

Manage Employee Complaints and Claims

In some cases, a former or current worker initiates an adversarial process instead of a lawsuit. For instance, they might bring an administrative complaint of harassment, retaliation, or discrimination with the EEOC or FEHA. In these cases, you must consult an attorney. Your attorney can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the worker’s claim, prepare a solid response to the complaint, handle the agency investigation, and represent you in a hearing, if necessary.

Review Agreements and Contracts

A skilled Encino employment attorney can review and amend, if needed, all the agreements you routinely utilize with your employees, including employment contracts, releases, or severance agreements, among others. Your attorney can also make certain that all your contracts have the necessary legal language and are enforceable by courts.

Review Employee Handbooks and Policies

An experienced employment attorney can ensure that your policies do not violate any laws on family leave, overtime pay, occupational health and safety, or final paychecks, among others. Your attorney can likewise check for specific language that may create unintentional obligations to your workers and give you advice on additional policies you may need to consider.

Stand Up For You In Court

Consult with an Encino employment attorney right away once a former or current employee sues you. Employment lawsuits are usually complicated and should not be taken lightly. You must likewise take certain actions as soon as possible to ensure that your rights will be protected and that evidence you can use in court will be preserved. Reach out to Kaufman McAndrew LLP as soon as you get a notice of the lawsuit against you.

Formulate a Viable Strategy with Our Encino Lawyers

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