Employment Law Questions And Answers

Many business owners, especially new business owners, are unsure of the jargon and breadth of employment law. Often the best way to protect your business, assets and investments is to fully understand when you should work with an attorney. Here are some commonly asked questions in an employment law Q & A format.

Q. What is employment law?

A. The relationship between a business's employees and the employer is the heart ofemployment law. It includes all laws, mandates and regulations of the employee-employer relationship.

Q. What is the difference between business law and labor law?

A.Employment lawdeals specifically with the relationship between an employer and an individual employee.Labor lawcovers laws dealing with unions, collective bargaining and organized labor. Employment law is similar to but different than labor law, although they may overlap.

Q. Do small businesses need an employment law attorney?

A. Business owners specialize in the type of business they run: food preparation, manufacturing, transport, apparel or other industry. These owners are experts within their field or industry. You would not, for example, ask someone who owns a textile manufacturing plant about food preparation. Attorneys can also focus on one or two areas of law. Therefore, for the most accurate, effective and efficient legal advice on employment law issues it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced and provenemployment law attorney. Most businesses at one time or another require some form of legal help or advice when it comes to employment law.

Q. Can any attorney help me with my employee handbook, employment contract or agreements?

A. While all attorneys have a legal education and have passed a bar exam, not all attorneys are experienced or well-versed in specific areas of the law. Because employment law deals with the rights, obligations and responsibilities of you as an employer it is in your best interest to work with a legal professional who works in this area of the law.

Q. What is the advantage to working with an employment law attorney at the start of my business?

A. It can always be advantageous for a business owner to have reliable employment counsel. Employers can contact an employment law attorney at any stage of their business. But because employers can easily violate employment laws due to the fact that they are unfamiliar with them, or because they do not understand what the law requires, it is most beneficial to work with an experienced employment law attorney before any problems arise.

Q. Does Kaufman McAndrew LLP represent only employers?

A. While we have on occasion offered legal advice to employees and union workers, our lawyers work almost exclusively with employers.

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