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Employees can be a huge benefit to companies, though they can also cause legal concerns. California employment laws require employers to comply with the Labor Code, as well as anti-discrimination laws, health and safety regulations, and more. There are many ways that even the most well-intentioned employers might violate an employee’s rights, and employees can also make false accusations against current or former employers.

No matter why an employee complaint arises, it is critical that your company addresses it head on. If you fail to properly respond, the employee might file a lawsuit against the business seeking damages for back pay, any applicable penalties, and more. These cases can be filed in either state or federal court, depending on the specific complaint.

If you are facing a case in court, your company needs the representation of an Encino employee litigation lawyer as soon as possible. Do not wait to reach out to Kaufman McAndrew LLP for help.

Common Employee Lawsuits

Litigation can arise in many employment contexts, and our firm helps employers defend against a wide range of allegations in state court, federal court, in front of administrative agencies, and labor commissions. Some cases we take on include:

  • Discrimination and harassment claims - Employees might file lawsuits alleging that they experienced unlawful discrimination or harassment at work. This can include discriminatory action or harassment based on race, national origin, sex or gender, disability, age, and more.
  • Wage and hour claims - Many employee lawsuits allege violations of the California Labor Code, such as minimum wage or overtime violations, failing to pay for all hours worked, not providing payment on time, not providing proper meal and rest breaks, as well as other compensation-related matters. Sometimes, many employees will file a class action lawsuit at once.
  • Employment contract disputes - If your company has employees sign contracts, breach of contract claims can arise. These can involve general employment contracts, severance agreements, non-disclosure agreements, commission agreements, and more.
  • Whistleblower issues - If an employee reports or threatens to report accusations of unlawful conduct within your company, it can escalate to a whistleblower claim. Not every whistleblower claim is based on factual information, and it is important to defend against these lawsuits.

Litigation is complicated no matter what type of employee claim your business faces. Failing to defend a lawsuit can result in liability, penalties from the government, and even possible damage to your company’s reputation when it comes to employment relations. Always discuss disputes or possible complaints with an experienced employment defense lawyer right away so we can begin developing your defense strategy.

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