Encino Human Resource Training Attorneys

Human resources play an important role in many companies. They provide assistance to employees and work to reduce conflicts that can be costly for employers. The jobs of HR personnel often involve many different employment laws and procedures, which can be difficult for non-legal professionals to decipher. Not having adequate training for your human resources team can be a detriment to your workforce and can also result in losses and liability for your company.

Fortunately, law firms like Kaufman McAndrew LLP provide training guidance for companies in Encino to help maximize the effectiveness of their HR teams. If you would like to learn about the many ways our law firm can help your company, please contact us directly today.

Employee Manuals and Handbook

One important aspect of human resources is developing and enforcing employee manuals and handbooks. Many companies - especially smaller ones - might think there is not a real need to have an employee handbook or manuals. However, taking the time to develop these documents can save your company time, money, and other resources in the long run.

By putting your employment policies in writing and presenting them to your employees, you can prevent allegations of having unfair policies or employee claims that they were unaware of your policies. Manuals and handbooks can address many topics, such as:

Of course, each company will have a different work environment, so they will have unique needs for their manuals and handbooks. Our team can help you develop comprehensive employee documents that can work to prevent legal disputes and employee conflicts.

Handling Employee Complaints

When employees have issues with their employment situation, they should be able to come to human resources representatives to report the issue and possibly file a formal complaint. HR personnel should know how to properly handle this situation to resolve conflicts whenever possible without the need for legal action by employees.

For example, if an employee complains about possible sexual harassment, an employer is required to take steps to prevent any further misconduct. If the situation is not taken seriously by HR and is allowed to continue, it can become a hostile work environment, which can result in penalties from the state and compensation to the employee. This is only one of many situations in which proper HR responses are necessary to protect the reputation, interests, and bottom line of your company.

Learn How Our Encino HR Training Lawyers Can Help

All human resources personnel should be properly trained and capable of preventing employee conflicts, as well as addressing employee complaints in the most efficient and effective manner. Often, it makes sense for companies to have legal assistance with the training process to help ensure employee satisfaction, compliance with employment laws, and more. Never hesitate to consult with the Encino human resources training attorneys at Kaufman McAndrew LLP. Contact us to learn more about our legal services today.