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Helping Encino Employers Defend Against Wage and Hour Allegations

California has some of the most pro-employee employment laws in the United States, and this includes wage and hour regulations. The California Labor Code puts in place many protections for employees, which are important to ensure that individuals are properly compensated for their work, have adequate breaks, and much more. However, when an employee believes their rights have been violated in any manner, costly disputes can arise.

As a California employer, it is critical that you seek legal guidance and assistance when a wage and hour dispute comes up. Both the Labor Commissioner’s Office of the California Department of Industrial Relations and state courts take wage and hour violations very seriously and defending against allegations can be time-consuming. You do not want to risk wrongful liability for violations, so please contact an Encino wage and hour dispute lawyer for help right away. Call Kaufman & McAndrew LLP today.

Common Wage and Hour Allegations

Because there are so many wage and hour regulations and requirements in the State of California, there are also many opportunities for alleged violations. Some common allegations against employers include the following:

  • Failing to pay minimum wage
  • Failing to pay overtime rates for nonexempt employees
  • Misclassifying employees as exempt
  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors
  • Miscalculating hours worked
  • Requiring work off the clock
  • Not providing proper rest and meal breaks
  • Expecting employees to work during rest and meal breaks
  • Not handling tips properly
  • Failing to reimburse employees for work-related expenses
  • Not properly compensating commissioned employees
  • Withholding pay after termination or company closure
  • Not paying employees on time or providing proper pay statements

If an employee alleges any of the above conduct, and you do not properly address the claims, you could face civil penalties, liability to employees, bad press, and more. It is best to have legal representation you can trust from the moment you suspect there is an issue.

Resolving Wage and Hour Disputes

In many situations, a wage and hour allegation is due to an honest mistake on the part of the company. When an employee makes an internal complaint, your company can often identify the error and rectify the situation internally. This can eliminate the need for further action, as well as help prevent similar errors in the future.

If the employee is alleging intentional violations or is not satisfied with the proposed solution, they might report the matter to the state. Our attorneys know how to handle state investigations into wage and hour violations to show compliance whenever possible. If an employee files a lawsuit in civil court, we can represent your company and defend against the allegations during the litigation process to minimize liability.

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