Encino Disability Discrimination Attorneys

Many laws protect employees in California who have disabilities, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), among others. Employers have important duties under these laws, and any violations can be costly - in both monetary liability and your company’s reputation.

If an employee has raised a complaint of disability discrimination, or if your company does not know how to respond to a specific situation, it is critical that you seek the right legal counsel from an Encino disability discrimination lawyer immediately. Contact Kaufman McAndrew LLP directly for assistance.

What Leads to Disability Discrimination Claims?

There are many different situations that can lead an employee to bring a claim for disability discrimination. First, every employer should know which employees are protected under the law. The law states that employment decisions may not be based on an actual or perceived disability that is either physical or mental in nature.

There are many employment decisions that might be wrongfully based on a disability. The following conduct might lead to a complaint by an employee:

  • Asking questions about disabilities on applications or in interviews
  • Requiring applicants with disabilities to undergo medical exams when non-disabled applicants are not required to do so
  • Refusing to hire a qualified candidate because of a disability
  • Refusing a promotion or pay increase based on a disability
  • Not allowing an employee to work with customers or in the “front of the house” because of a disability
  • Giving an employee less desirable shifts or assignments because of their disability
  • Harassing or allowing an employee to be harassed at work due to a disability
  • Terminating an employee based on a disability

If an employee has a disability but needs reasonable accommodations to perform their essential job duties, an employer has the duty to provide such reasonable accommodations when requested. Unless your company can prove that an accommodation would result in undue hardship, you can face a disability discrimination claim if you refuse to properly accommodate an employee.

Furthermore, if an employee complains of possible discrimination, an employer may not retaliate against that employee in any manner. If an employee is harassed, demoted, disciplined, or terminated after complaining of possible discrimination, they can bring a claim for unlawful retaliation, as well.

Resolving Disability Discrimination Claims

If your company has questions about disability discrimination compliance, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team for answers. If you are facing any type of disability discrimination claim from an employee or former employee, it is essential to contact the right lawyer right away.

Our experienced law firm works to resolve the matter internally whenever possible, saving your company resources. If the matter escalates to state or federal litigation, we can defend your organization against disability discrimination claims.

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