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If you have employees, it is critical that you fully comply with all relevant employment laws, including those regarding family and medical leave for your employees. Both federal and state laws give eligible employees specific leave rights, and if an employee asserts that your company violated their rights, you can face serious penalties and liability. If you need guidance regarding family and medical leave laws or an employee brings a complaint, do not wait to consult with an FMLA lawyer at Kaufman McAndrew LLP in Encino. We can help you address the matter in the most effective and efficient way possible.

FMLA and CFRA Compliance

Employers should understand that certain things might happen in the lives of employees that require time away from work, and the law protects the jobs of certain employees while they take leave. On the federal level, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides leave rights to employees across the nation, while the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) protects employees within our state. These laws apply to employees of companies that have at least 50 employees working during at least 20 weeks per year.

FMLA laws provide eligible employees with up to 12 weeks per 12-month period of leave for reasons including childbirth or adoption, serious health conditions, caring for a family member with a serious health condition, or specific situations regarding family members on active duty in the military.

As an employer, your company has responsibilities under these laws, such as:

  • Determining when an employee is eligible for family or medical leave
  • Evaluating how long the leave period will be
  • Monitoring and keeping track of intermittent leave when appropriate
  • Keeping accurate records of leave requests and certifications
  • Not retaliating against an employee or taking adverse action because they took qualified leave
  • Providing employee benefits during leave as if the employee was working

If you are an employer subject to FMLA and CFRA requirements, you should fully comply with all of your responsibilities under the law.

Common FMLA Violations

There are many reasons why employers face allegations of FMLA violations by employees. Some common violations asserted include:

  • Changing the position and role of an employee (for the worse) when they return to work
  • Terminating or retaliating against an employee that requests qualified leave
  • Terminating or retaliating against employees who take FMLA leave
  • Denying leave when the employee is eligible

Employees who are not allowed to take their leave as they deserve, or who suffer adverse employment actions for requesting or taking leave, can take legal action against an employer. Defending against these complaints can be time-consuming and costly, so it is important to prevent any violations whenever possible. If a complaint does arise, you want the right employment lawyer representing your company.

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