Encino Internal Investigations Attorneys

No matter how carefully your company works to prevent employee conflicts or complaints, the reality is that a complaint is likely to arise at some point. When this occurs, an employer should take the complaint seriously and get to the bottom of what happened or is happening within the work environment. This often requires an internal investigation, which can require extensive resources and must be conducted in a proper manner.

If your company needs to look into employee complaints, you should not hesitate to seek assistance from an Encino internal investigations lawyer. At Kaufman McAndrew LLP, we represent employers during and following investigations on a regular basis, and our goal is to save your company resources and prevent liability whenever possible.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers that fail to properly investigate employee complaints can face many legal problems, including significant liability for discrimination, harassment, or other harm to the workforce. When a complaint is raised regarding possible misconduct at work, an employer should ensure to do all of the following:

  • Respond appropriately when the initial complaint is lodged
  • Conduct a prompt and thorough investigation in accordance with employment law standards
  • Interview all possible witnesses who might have knowledge or information about the matter at hand
  • Research background information about the alleged incident or misconduct, the employees involved, their employment relationships and history, and the overall environment of the business
  • Keep records of all relevant information and keep records confidential when necessary
  • Prepare a written record of every interview and step of the investigation in a timely manner
  • Make conclusions based on facts and employment laws whether employees violated any internal policies or laws
  • Recommend or take remedial measures, including disciplining or terminating certain employees, as needed to prevent further misconduct or harm
  • Takes action to curb any future misconduct of a similar nature

Failing to conduct a proper investigation can result in additional legal and financial trouble for an employer.

Legal Counsel for Internal Investigations

It is critical for employers to respond to complaints as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This can take many resources if a company tries to rely solely on human resources professionals to conduct the investigation. In addition, HR representatives might not fully understand employer obligations under the law, and they might cut corners or make other errors that put your company at risk of liability.

Instead, you should learn how our legal team can assist during the internal investigation process. Having the guidance of an experienced employment lawyer can help prevent any legal conflicts while working to identify the proper action that might need to be taken to protect your workforce and the company’s integrity. With the right legal help, you can minimize the consequences of employee complaints.

Learn How an Internal investigations Lawyer in Encino Can Help

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