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Most employers never intend to violate the law, but unintentional violations can still lead to costly employment disputes. In addition, not knowing what to do if a potential employment dispute arises can lead to unnecessary and avoidable liability.

It is important for companies to take proactive steps to ensure that all management is properly trained on matters relating to employment law. This not only ensures compliance with state law, but also can reduce the number of disputes that arise and increase employee satisfaction.

With everything on your plate already with running a company, the last thing you need is to have to design an effective and compliant management training program when it comes to employment law. The good news is that our Encino management training lawyers at Kaufman McAndrew LLP can assist with this matter.

Effective Training Programs

Every manager knows that training programs can be long and arduous, and you might leave without feeling like you learned much at all. Our legal team strives to take a more effective approach, and we focus on designing a program tailored to your operations, which clearly focuses on what your managers need to understand.

Our programs can cover many topics, such as:

  • Employment laws - While your managers might believe they understand federal and California employment laws, these laws are constantly changing and being updated, and your training should cover all new material in a way they can best understand and apply the changes to their work.
  • Handling complaints - How an employer handles complaints is critical in any employment dispute situation. You want your training to cover proper responses, what action needs to be taken, and how not to retaliate against complaining employees in any way.
  • Preventing violations - Not only should your managers know how to respond to complaints or identify violations of the law, but they should also know how to facilitate and encourage a work environment that is compliant, to begin with. Training should include ways that management can foster a work environment that upholds the rights and interests of employees.

Our programs can be detailed and can focus on the topics that are most important to your organization at a given point in time.

Compliance with Employment Law

California law specifically requires employers with more than five employees to conduct sexual harassment prevention training at specific intervals. In addition, courts have held that part of an employer’s duty is to provide proper training on anti-discrimination and anti-harassment to necessary employees. Providing the right training programs not only works to prevent civil penalties, but also to prevent disputes that arise from misconduct in your workplace. Our management training programs are compliant with all relevant requirements under the law.

Consult with Our Encino Management Training Lawyers

At the law firm of Kaufman McAndrew LLP, we help employers defend against employee complaints, and we also help employers proactively train management to prevent complaints in the first place. If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your company, contact us online or call 818-788-5767 to discuss our management training services in the Encino area.