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Defending Against Employee Complaints of Harassment in Encino

California law strictly prohibits workplace harassment based on specific protected factors. Employers should take all necessary steps to prevent harassment at work, and companies should always address complaints of possible harassment right away. If the issue is not handled properly, it can worsen and create a hostile work environment, which can lead to liability on the part of the employer.

If you believe that an employee has a complaint about a hostile work environment, you need the help of an experienced employment attorney who can defend against these allegations and help to resolve the matter in the most beneficial way possible. You want the hostile work environment lawyers of Kaufman McAndrew LLP on your side immediately.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

An isolated or relatively benign instance of harassing conduct is not enough to constitute unlawful harassment and lead to employer liability in California. Instead, harassing conduct must be offensive or pervasive enough to create a hostile work environment to lead to employee legal action. A hostile work environment is one that is an abusive atmosphere for one or multiple employees.

A hostile work environment is often discussed in the context of sexual harassment, which is a highly common type of unlawful workplace harassment. However, under the law, hostile work environments can also stem from harassment based on:

  • Race or color
  • Ethnicity or national origin
  • Disability
  • Age (over age 40)
  • Marital status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender expression or identity
  • Religion

This harassment might come from supervisors or non-supervisors, as anyone in the workplace can create a hostile work environment due to harassing conduct. Sporadic or trivial conduct will not create a hostile work environment. In order for conduct to rise to this level, it generally is persistent or is highly offensive or threatening.

Handling Employee Complaints

When an employee complains about a possible hostile work environment, your company should take measures to stop the conduct, which might include terminating the harassing party. If your company fails to take action and allows the hostile work environment to continue. The employee can then take legal action to hold your business liable for any lost wages, emotional distress, or other losses they suffered. If the employee felt the need to quit due to the hostile work environment, it might be seen as a form of wrongful termination.

Employee harassment or wrongful termination lawsuits can be costly, so it is important to have legal guidance to ensure you take the proper steps to stop the hostile work environment as soon as possible. We can provide counsel regarding harassment prevention methods, as well as defend against active claims by employees.

Seek Assistance from Our Encino Hostile Work Environment Lawyers

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