Encino Unemployment Compensation Attorneys

When your company decides to hire employees, there are numerous steps you must take to comply with all relevant state and federal employment laws. One requirement is to pay taxes to help fund the Unemployment Insurance Program. This program provides benefits to eligible individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

Conflicts can arise regarding unemployment compensation and which employees should be eligible. As an employer, you want to keep costs low whenever possible, which can mean avoiding paying unnecessary taxes for undeserved unemployment compensation. If your organization is questioning the validity of an unemployment claim or facing claims of misconduct regarding unemployment, contact Kaufman McAndrew LLP to consult with an Encino unemployment compensation lawyer right away.

Challenging Unemployment Claims

When someone loses their job, they can file a claim with the state for unemployment compensation. However, not every claim is valid. In order to be eligible for unemployment, someone must:

  • Have earned enough wages during the “base employment period,” which is a 12-month period of time
  • Be underemployed or unemployed not by their own fault
  • Be able to physically work
  • Be available to accept work
  • Be willing and ready to accept offered work that is suitable for the claimant
  • Be actively looking for work

In many situations, people will file unemployment claims when they do not meet the above requirements. Commonly, this happens when an employee is fired due to misconduct, but they claim they did nothing wrong. In addition, people who quit their jobs might make claims about hostile work environments leading them to quit, which would qualify them for unemployment compensation.

It is in an employer’s best interests to challenge invalid unemployment claims to minimize liability and costs. The law in California often favors employees, however, so it is important for employers to seek assistance from an unemployment compensation attorney as soon as they receive notice of a claim that might be invalid.

Our legal team can help with the following:

  • Evaluate whether a claim is valid or not
  • Properly responding to claim notices within the 10-day time period
  • Represent the employer’s interests and arguments to the Employment Development Department (EDD)

Defending Against Claims of Unemployment Violations

There might come a time when an employee makes claims that your company has violated one or more provisions of the law relating to unemployment compensation. If this happens, it is critical to cooperate with investigators and respond in the appropriate manner. You want to have the right unemployment lawyer on your side as soon as possible in this situation. Our attorneys have helped clients defend against claims and minimize the penalties they might face.

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Whether you have questions about your unemployment obligations, believe an unemployment claim is invalid, or have other concerns on the matter, do not hesitate to set up a consultation with Kaufman McAndrew LLP. These matters often have short time periods for proper challenges and action, so call 818-788-5767 or contact us online as soon as possible to discuss your options.