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Advising Companies Regarding Employment Law Matters

Your company might be aware of the federal and California state employment laws with which you must comply. However, ensuring compliance can be a complicated matter, and too many employers make errors that lead to employee complaints or even lawsuits in federal or state court. The best way to protect your company’s assets and have maximum employee satisfaction is to work with an employment attorney who works with California employers.

At Kaufman McAndrew LLP, we provide workplace solutions to reduce the chances of employment law issues. We also provide advice and counsel through every step of the employee complaint process, helping your company handle the matter in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We also provide guidance on training programs for human resources, management, and other members of your workforce to help foster a conflict-free work environment and minimize costs and liability for your company.

Common Employment Law Issues

Despite best efforts, many employers still face disputes and complaints about varying employment issues. Our attorneys regularly advise clients on the following and more:

Wage and Hour Disputes

California law has some of the most pro-employee wage and hour laws in the United States. The law regulates minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest breaks, final paychecks, and more. Wage and hour violations can be costly for employers, especially if they qualify as a class action. We can help your company have systems in place that ensure compliance with wage and hour requirements.

Discrimination and Harassment

Employers must take all necessary measures to prevent unlawful discrimination and harassment (quid pro and hostile work environment) at work. There should be clear policies in place for employees to report possible discrimination and harassment, as well as for your company to respond to such complaints.

Employment Contracts and Severance Agreements

If you require certain employees to sign employment agreements, you want to ensure the agreement is properly drafted and that your company holds up its end of the bargain throughout the entire employment relationship. Similarly, you want legal counsel when negotiating and implementing severance agreements.

Immigration Compliance

If you have non-citizens working for your company, you can provide guidance regarding full compliance with all immigration laws. Violations can result in costly penalties, so this is an important area of legal advice and training.

Whether you need to adjust your work environment to encourage compliance, train your managers on compliance issues, or need legal advice on any of the above employment issues, you should not hesitate to seek assistance from our legal team. We will work to help prevent employment disputes, which saves your company time, money, and other important resources.

Seek Help from Our Encino Employment Lawyers for Workplace Solutions, Advice, and Training

With the right workplace solutions, advice, and training, your company can prevent employment disputes and compliance issues whenever possible. The employment attorneys of Kaufman McAndrew LLP are ready to help, so please contact us online or call 818-788-5767 to set up an appointment and consultation.