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"You are in the best hands"

"Kaufman McAndrew LLP is one of the most honorable and talented group of attorneys in the world! I have been blessed to have them available not just to represent me when I or my company needs representation, but this firm is also very talented and prudent in giving guidance and advice so that one may avoid having the need for an attorney! If you are fortunate enough to have Kaufman McAndrew LLP on your side, you will be able to relax knowing you are in the best hands! When only the best legal counsel will do, call Kaufman McAndrew LLP."

— Scott I. Murry, President, Able Freight Services, Inc.

"A much-needed resource"

"Given the delicacy of human resources in today's work environment, the attorneys at Kaufman McAndrew LLP are a must needed resource both for resolution and peace of mind."

— Robin Lowe, President, ACLA LLC

"Our recommendation is without reservation"

"We have been clients of Kaufman McAndrew, LLP for almost 15 years and would advocate their services as both our business attorney and as our representative for employment law issues. We have always been treated as valued clients with timely and knowledgeable responses to our needs. Our recommendation of Kaufman McAndrew LLP is without reservation."

— Earl T. Bayless, CEO, Bayless Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

"Just a phone call away"

"Our company has worked with Kaufman McAndrew LLP for close to 10 years. They reply to my questions and concerns in a timely manner, and let me know that no problem is too small. Their expertise in employment/labor law ensures we are compliant and protected at all times, and I feel confident in my position knowing that Kaufman McAndrew LLP is just a phone call away. I would highly recommend Kaufman McAndrew LLP without any hesitation."

— Margo Roth, Battery-Biz, Inc.

"Get to know this firm"

"I have worked with Kaufman McAndrew LLP for over 10 years. I coach business owners and have never hesitated to refer business to the firm on labor issues as their reputation is stellar. I also enjoy their 'human resource' perspective to law. Get to know this firm."

— Mitch Pearlman/Master Chair/Vistage International, Inc.

"Very proficient and talented in their field"

"We have been working with Kaufman McAndrew LLP Attorneys at Law for the past 15+ years and have been very pleased with their services. Their entire team has always been nothing less than professional and is always available and responsive to all questions or concerns. As you know, because California law is unique and ever changing, it is a tough State for any business to work inlet alone keep up with all of the continuing changes in State labor & employment laws and even local municipality requirements. Their law office keeps our company updated on all of aspects of labor & employment law, including policy changes that are required on the federal, state and local levels throughout the year. If that wasn't enough, they will also assist, train and educate all of your HR personnel in these new changes. Additionally, their law offices will also help facilitate the implementation of these new requirements and incorporate all of these changes into your respective organizations to insure that your business is in compliance and is protected at the highest level. Any business looking for legal guidance, protection and representation (if ever needed), you should look no further than these professional attorneys who are very proficient and talented in their field. We certainly have been fortunate to have found this team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for these services."

— Gary J. Storti, Wireless Plus, Inc.

"An integral part of our success"

"We have been a client of Kaufman McAndrew LLP for the last 15 years. They are definitely an integral part of our success. We would not be able to focus on what we do best without their legal guidance. Thank you for being part of the team. We take pride in recommending your firm to others."

— Orlando Wong, CEO, Able Freight Services, Inc.

"A continuing resource"

"Kaufman McAndrew has been our employment practices firm for many years. They have represented our company in litigation with successful outcomes, review and update our employee manual and are a continuing resource to ensure that we do not run afoul of new regulatory and legislative requirements placed upon employers."

— David H. Aizuss, M.D., F.A.C.S., Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley

"We can't afford to be out of compliance"

"As president/CEO of a midsized firm, we aren't large enough to employ a full-time HR manager—let alone an in-house labor attorney. However, we are large enough to be required to comply with a myriad number of local, state, and federal labor laws. In today's dynamic workplace, it seems there's a new labor law being passed every month that must be interpreted and dissected. We can't afford to be out of compliance, so we've had Kaufman McAndrew LLP Attorneys at Law on retainer for the last several years.

"I have peace of mind"

"Our company's philosophy is to be as proactive as possible when it comes to managing our workforce so that we can stamp out potential employment issues before they can even take root. To that end, Kaufman McAndrew LLP Attorneys at Law has never failed us! If we have an employment question or an issue arises, we know that help is just an email or phone call away. Employment issues are certainly important, but they can also be big distractions from running a business. I have peace of mind knowing that the attorneys at Kaufman McAndrew LLP Attorneys at Law are on my side. They are partners in our success, and I can't ever imagine not having them on my team."

— Steve Shrager, President/CEO, Budget Uniform Rental, Inc.

"Provided detailed information"

"Kaufman McAndrew LLP provides expert counsel in human resources / employee law as it relates to the laws in CA, which are ever changing. Kaufman McAndrew LLP recently represented my company in a class action lawsuit which was quickly changed to an individual case as the attorneys at Kaufman McAndrew LLP provided detailed information which proved a class action not to be the case."

— Mia D. Boykin, WSONE-55, Inc.

"They have saved our company millions of dollars"

"Kaufman McAndrew LLP looks at our business as its own and takes the time to make sure that we are protected in every situation that we run into. They have helped us develop excellent employee agreements, company policies and procedures that have proven the test of the legal system. They have defended us in a class action lawsuit, a USDOL audit, several California DOL audits, a Discrimination Case, a Retaliation Case, and many wage and hour cases. They have been successful in negotiating resolution in all matters and have saved our company millions of dollars. Kaufman McAndrew LLP has earned our trust and loyalty and we are proud to be associated with this fine firm."

— Craig Poulson, Simply Right, Inc.

"A joy to work with"

"We have had multiple lawsuits and legal issues involving our employees over the past 20 years. Kaufman McAndrew LLP not only does an incredible job of educating our staff and administrators with seminars and communications in order to prevent lawsuits, they are constantly there for us when we have had any minor issue or major catastrophe. The lawyers at Kaufman McAndrew LLP are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, tough, personable, and a joy to work with."

— Brad S. Elkins, M.D., Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley

"Professional, honest, creative"

"I can highly recommend Kaufman McAndrew LLP. They are knowledgeable, professional, honest, creative and have the ability to solve problems and protect their clients."

-David Labowitz, C & D Sales LLC

"My very trusted advisors"

"I have worked with Kaufman McAndrew LLP since the late 90s. Over the years, I have learned much about the law and the importance of making business decisions rather than legal decisions, thanks to Kaufman McAndrew LLP. I will continue to use the firm as my very trusted advisors."

-Markus Bohi, Four Star Distribution