Changes to CA Employment Law Effective Now

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has left most employers reeling and unsure of what the official guidelines and laws are. In addition, as information regarding the coronavirus and the delta variant is uncovered, yet more people are getting vaccinated, the rules for employers keep changing.

Earlier this summer, Cal-OSHA set out a new set of approved guidelines for workplaces. These guidelines include:

Employers should stay aware of the current COVID-19 workplace guidelines and enact changes as soon as possible to comply with amended guidelines. Employers should update their own workplace COVID policies to ensure all employees are fully aware of the current policies.

While it seems that official COVID-19 guidelines are loosening in light of the vaccine becoming available, there is always the chance that the rules will become stricter again. This is especially true with the highly contagious delta variant and the number of people who refuse to get the vaccine. If employers have questions about their policies and whether they are adequate to comply with state and federal mandates, they should not hesitate to consult with experienced counsel who handles employment law matters.

Dealing With Employee Complaints

Sometimes, employees might disagree with an employer policy intended to comply with health guidance. If an employee complains that a policy is too strict (or not strict enough), it is essential that you address the matter properly. Further, if an employee refuses to comply with your policies - or Cal-OSHA guidelines - you will need to know how to properly react, whether it involves accommodations, discipline, or termination.

Learn More from an Encino Employment Lawyer

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