Employers Need to Be Mindful of Minor Work Laws

Many people begin their employment as teenagers, and with the labor shortage following the COVID-19 pandemic, these young individuals are filling many positions in many different workplaces. While teens who often accept lower wages seem like a great solution for employers, it is important for any company hiring minors to make sure that they are in full compliance with all laws relating to minors at work.

Job Restrictions

Younger teens have restrictions on the type of work they can perform. For example:

No matter what the job entails, however, an employer must obtain a work permit before hiring the minor, which usually comes from the minor’s school district.

Restricted Hours

The law in California sets out limitations on how much minors can work to ensure they still have time for their schoolwork. Some restrictions include:

Mandated Reporter Training in California

As of the start of 2021, all employers that hire minors and have at least five employees must have reporting requirements when it comes to child abuse, including sexual abuse and neglect, under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law. HR employees must be trained to report any instances of child abuse, while other adults who engage in direct supervision of or contact with a minor employee must report any suspicions of sexual abuse against the minor.

Speak with an Encino Employment Lawyer About Your Questions

All of the above laws specifically apply to minor employment, and if your company hires teenagers, you must be in full compliance. This is in addition to complying with all other state and federal labor laws, which fully apply to minor employees, as well. Violations can be costly for employers, so never hesitate to discuss compliance questions or disputes with the Encino employment attorneys at Kaufman McAndrew LLP. Contact us online or call 818-788-5767 today.